Nolan no Prisoner

We're all well aware of Chris Nolan's two upcoming projects, INCEPTION and the BATMAN sequel that's not-official-but-totally-will-happen. But he did have another project lined up, THE PRISONER, but according to recent sleuthing by CineFools, he’s off the film. They recently talked with Producer Barry Mendel who had this to say:

“Chris Nolan has dropped out of it but we have a first draft by David and Janet Peoples who wrote Twelve Monkeys and David wrote Unforgiven and it's a good draft and we're working on the script right now.”

Alright so no Nolan, but that’s a pretty damn good screenwriting team nonetheless. Plus this will now give him more time to focus on his third BATMAN endeavor, and not have it pushed back until 2013. THE PRISONER is also a new TV series with Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel, but allegedly the two projects won’t interfere with each other. Sure, it’s sad to see a Nolan film go Nolan-less, but in this case, it seems things might turn out alright for both sides anyways.

Extra Tidbit: How much money do you think Warners will throw at Nolan to lock him into BATMAN 3?
Source: CineFools



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