Nolan's fave TDK scene

The second part of the LA Times' fantastic extended interview with Christopher Nolan is online today and in this installment Nolan talks about his favorite scene of the movie: the Batman/Joker interrogation. As Nolan says, "I could actually talk about this scene for hours." And talk he does. Here are some highlights:

"Neither [Christian Bale nor Heath Ledger] wanted to go too far with it in rehearsal. They had to rehearse some of the fight choreography, but even with that, we tried to keep it loose and improvisational. They wanted to save it all. We were all pretty excited to get on with a big chunk of dialogue and this big intense scene between these two iconic characters. It was quite bizarre to see Batman across the table across from the Joker [laughs]."

"By the end of the scene, when [Batman] is just pounding on the Joker, I think Heath managed to find the exact essence of the threat of the Joker and who he is: He’s being pounded in the face and he’s laughing and loving it. There’s nothing you can do. As he tells Batman, 'You have nothing to do with all of your strength'...When he drops the Joker, he has realized the futility of what he’s done."

There's a lot of detail in how they lit and shot the scene and it's refreshing to see Nolan really geek out in a way about the film (whereas he normally is so refrained). I highly recommend you head over to the LA Times to read the full piece. The third and final part of the interview will run on Friday.

Source: LA Times



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