Norbit loves me?

Granted, the film doesn't look like anything different than what Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence have been doing for about a decade now, but with the release of NORBIT this Friday, it never hurts to start sucking up to your better half as early as possible, as Valentine's Day is only about a week or so away. I say that because the OFFICIAL SITE for NORBIT, includes with it a bunch of Valentine based postcards, on which you upload pictures of yourself and the aforementioned better part of your two-some, with laughable results.

Case in point: check out the two postcards I created for me and my "honey". That's right, I'm still flying solo these days (in more ways than one), but one day...yes, ONE DAY, I will go out on a date with Ms. Hayek and she WILL, I repeat, she WILL remove the restraining order from me. If you're a jerk looking to straighten shit out with the missus, this fat Eddie Murphy movie's website may be the way to start. What??!

Source: Official Site



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