Norrington helms Akira

Siiigh.  It's a crazy day here at JoBlo.  Beyond the wackiness and my new current obsession with this new MINORITY REPORT site, there's a ton of other cool things going on behind-the-scenes.  Some of them you'll hear about in the near future, some of them in the further future and a few you may never hear about.   Nonetheless all things keeping my mind occupied.  And in addition to all that came word from this morning's Hollywood Reporter that Stephen Norrington will write and direct a live-action adaptation of the greatest anime film of all time (please don't dispute me on this), AKIRA.

AKIRA is coming...

I'm torn over this.  Besides being an internet doofus I'm also a (big surprise here) an aspiring filmmaker.  My biggest dream was also to break into Hollywood with some small films and when I had built enough clout, get a big-budget version of AKIRA off the ground.  It would be my sole purpose.  The other films I made would be made only to get me to AKIRA.  I took numerous stabs at a script (all of which sucked rather badly) and even had a marketing campaign planned out.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do and probably could've even drawn out storyboards for certain key scenes.  But Norrington beat me to the punch.  As a wanna-be filmmaker my dream has crumbled before my very eyes.  As a movie-goer and fan of the original film, I couldn't be more excited that Norrington will be the guy behind it.  I would've mucked it up anyway, angering fanboys worldwide.  At least we've got a guy who really will knock this out of the park.  Adapting the screenplay into one that will could be filmed for a reasonable amount of money will be tough.  Let's hope Norrington has the full support of Warner Bros.  I wish you luck Steve.  If you need an A.D., give me a call...

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