Norton is the Hulk!!

I honestly thought that this was a belated April Fool's joke when it arrived in my inbox, but holy shit, Batman...Edward Norton will be starring as the Hulk in the next HULK movie directed by Louis Leterrier, the stylish director of the TRANSPORTER flicks, as well as the underrated UNLEASHED (aka DANNY THE DOG). The film, titled THE INCREDIBLE HULK, will start shooting this summer in Toronto, Canada (we're Canadian, Universal...help us, help you!) with a release date for June 13, 2008. My favorite Marvel character has always been the HULK, and I guess I'm one of the few people in the world who actually enjoyed Ang Lee's version as well (although I usually stop the DVD right before the final 10 minutes, when Nolte kinda ruins it).

The sequel, which is said to be "less serious and more in line with the comic series and TV show" (Hulk smash!!) seems an odd choice for Norton, but I for one, am all for it! He's one of the best actors of his generation and I hope that his addition to the film helps catapult it to an even greater level. I think we all remember how awesome Norton was as a badass in AMERICAN HISTORY X, right? C'mon Leterrier, make the HULK smash someone's face into a sidewalk with his foot, man...an homage. Sorry folks, just getting a little excited here. So what do you all think of this bit of casting

Extra Tidbit: Not only is Edward Norton the Hulk, but he also dated actress Salma Hayek for about 4 years. F*ck me, dude.
Source: Variety



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