Norton wrote Hulk script!

While this year's Con had a lot of cool stuff, it wasn't exactly overflowing with scoops as it had been in previous years. One exception was the word on the HULK panel that there was a new writer on the film. The Zak Penn script was seemingly rewritten and as it turns out the writer was on hand to talk about the news. And I can tell you it wasn't Avi Arad, Louis Leterrier or Liv Tyler working on their copy of Final Draft either. Yup, Edward Norton will not only be starring in the script but wrote the script himself. It's unclear if he rewrote Penn's draft or started completely from scratch. I'm guessing he took Penn's, kept the basic structure and reworked it from there. It's not the first time Norton has worked extensively behind the scenes on a project he's been involved in (um, AMERICAN HISTORY X, anyone?) but it's nice to see he's got a vested interest in this film other than just a big paycheck. To see video of Norton making the announcement at the Con as well as other news from HULK (including your first look at the Hulk himself), stay tuned to JoBlo.com for our full coverage from the INCREDIBLE HULK panel!

Extra Tidbit: Norton recently co-wrote DOWN IN THE VALLEY, which he also starred in.
Source: JoBlo.com



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