Not That Into Drew

Drew Barrymore will produce an upcoming film based on the popular best-seller HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. The book was written by "comedian" Greg Behrendt (who might just be the most annoying guy on the planet) and his shrill co-host Liz Tuccillo, former writers on "Sex and the City" who weren't content with spreading their brand of cutesy relationship comedy/observations on the HBO series. Hey girls, he's just not that into you! Go find a new man. Woo! Girl power! Directing the film will be Ken Kwapis who's had an unremarkable film career but gets points for directing some of the best episodes of "The Office" and "The Larry Sanders Show." If you thought that a movie about a retarded, half-assed comedy bit couldn't get worse, I got some bad news for ya: it was written by the writers of NEVER BEEN KISSED. Coming next from Behrendt and Tuccillo is their follow-up "Seriously, He's Got A Restraining Order. Stop Following His Wife and Kids. You're A Psycho."

Extra Tidbit: "The Greg Behrendt Show" - where Greg and his goatee gave "practical, actionable advice delivered in his signature brotherly comedic style" - was cancelled after one season.
Source: Variety



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