NOT the DD poster!!...

Let me say this one last and final time. The poster you've seen circulating the web that people are claiming we claimed was the teaser poster for DAREDEVIL is NOT AN OFFICIAL POSTER! What's more, I NEVER claimed it was. In fact, when the story ran it was clearly captioned as being "...created by Yours Truly". It was fanart created by me, Michael Sampson, who last time I checked was not an employee of Twentieth Century Fox. It was part of a friendly competition between myself and other readers of JoBlo.com to create a cool fan poster for DAREDEVIL. The image ran in a story not about the poster at all but about the release date change. Nowhere EVER on this site did you see me or any other staff member refer to this as official or as anything other than a fan creation.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, good. I'd like it to stay this way. This rumor has creeped all around the web giving itself a life of its own. This despite the fact the image was removed from the site earlier this week. Which means, without naming names, editors just simply aren't doing their research. I apologize to anyone who was misled and for possibly misrepresenting this fanart. My intentions were nothing more than adding a quick image to a short update about the release date.

As far as I've heard from my sources at Fox and through FilmForce's Stax (a stand-up guy in my opinion) who has sources very close to he production, this is nowhere near what Fox is planning for the poster (which is nowhere near being finished). Once again (hoping to get this all behind me), that poster IS NOT THE OFFICIAL DAREDEVIL POSTER, NEVER WAS, AND WAS NEVER CLAIMED TO BE!!!

Source: JoBlo.com
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