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November Man sequel with Pierce Brosnan greenlit before first film's release


These days it's not uncommon for a film studio to greenlight a sequel depending on the opening weekend's box-office numbers. Just recently, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES got the go-ahead as well as a release date. It looks like Relativity is feeling confident of their Bond-but-not-Bond action-spy flick, THE NOVEMBER MAN, as they've pulled a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and greenlit a sequel, pre-release.

Pierce Brosnan had this to say:

The November Man' is an iconic, tough character and I am excited to partner with Relativity to continue to bring him to life.

The book on which THE NOVEMBER MAN is based on has thirteen entries in its series, so they have plenty of story to work with. Our own review of the film can be found here, but it doesn't paint a pretty picture of the first film. Personally I'd be down for another JACK REACHER, but it sounds like they're aiming to capture that TAKEN audience. We'll see if Brosnan's charisma pays off for Relativity soon enough.

THE NOVEMBER MAN will be released on August 27, 2014.



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