Now it's Gerard Butler's turn for A Star is Born?

They're just not going to give up on remaking A STAR IS BORN, are they? After both Will Smith and Russell Crowe were attached to star and subsequently unattached themselves, now Warner Bros. is looking at Gerard Butler to star as the male lead in the film.

Still presumably attached to star as the ingenue that is transformed into the singing superstar is Beyonce, who has been about the only constant force for this remake that has seen its share of ups and downs. Butler though doesn't seem to fit the mold of the actors they had previously had been looking at for the part. Smith, Crowe and Robert Downey, Jr. (who was also previously offered the part) have all at least been nominated for an Oscar (Crowe won for GLADIATOR). Butler, while doing solid work in 300, has mostly relegated himself to fluffy rom-coms (THE BOUNTY HUNTER, THE UGLY TRUTH) or schlocky action flicks (GAMER, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN).

But like LL Cool J, the ladies love Gerard Butler, which makes him an intriguing choice. At 40, he's only 12-years older than Beyonce though which may make their pairing in the film somewhat suspect. To Butler's credit, he did just wrap production on the Ralph Fiennes directed CORIOLANUS, based on the play by Shakespeare so maybe he's showing off some serious acting chops?

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how many pornos have the title A STAR IS PORN?...
Source: LA Times



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