Now Orlando Bloom is heading back to Middle Earth for The Hobbit

Peter Jackson definitely seems to be making every effort to ensure continuity of Middle Earth between his LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and the two upcoming movies based on THE HOBBIT.

He already reeled in Cate Blanchett to return as elven royalty Galadriel, and now he's got Orlando Bloom stringing his bow to come back as lovely-locked archer Legolas. Deadline says Legolas' part in the movie(s) is "more than a cameo," so someone or something will probably be getting punctured with many arrows.

Meanwhile, what about the characters you'd expect to see -- Gollum, Gandalf and Elrond? Deadline says the negotiations with actors Andy Serkis, Ian McKellan and Hugo Weaving "have been arduous and aren't completed yet", but we can be reasonably certain they'll be back in those famous roles. 

Jackson will begin shooting the movies early next year using over 30 of RED's 3D EPIC digital camera rigs.

Extra Tidbit: I haven't read "The Hobbit" since third grade -- any Tolkien fanatics out there have any idea how Legolas might fit in to these stories? And any purists upset about Jackson's deviations?
Source: Deadline



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