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Now Reynolds wants Deadpool

Yep, I was pretty sure that Ryan Reynolds and The Flash went together like a horse and carriage, but now Reynolds is talking about a different comic book character that he just might be even better to play: Deadpool.

Nicknamed the 'Merc with a Mouth' because of his constant wisecracks about pop-culture, Deadpool has been portrayed as a mercenary, an anti-hero and even a villain, which makes it difficult for a film about him to be made, as Reynolds observes:

"Itís a very tricky character to do... Itís hard R. Itís ambiguous whether heís good or bad. Heís a mercenary. This is all to say nothing of the fact that his face is made entirely of scar tissue... These are huge issues... Hopefully, thereíll be [somebody] who has the balls to go there and make a really authentic, decent ĎDeadpoolí movie.Ē

It sounds like Reynolds really wants to do the comic book movie again, and I hope he gets the chance. He's a good young actor and I've thought he was funny in everything I've seen of his that didn't star Wesley Snipes. So I guess all we need now is a ballsy director... I'll say what everyone's thinking: Uwe Boll.
Extra Tidbit: Deadpool got his mutant powers from the Canadian paramilitary Weapon-X program, who infused Wolverine with his adamantium skeleton.
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