Now you too can smell like Bruce Willis

I'm sorry, but this is far too WTF not to post. Bruce Willis now has his own line of cologne called BRUCE WILLIS, from LR Health and Beauty Systems. He’s not the first male celebrity to have his own scent line (Antonio Banderas has about a half dozen himself), but he’s not exactly high the list of actors you’d predict would go down that path.

Willis apparently had a press conference to announce the new fragrance, where he said “with great enthusiasm” that “the development of my new fragrance together with the very committed and passionate LR team was really a lot of fun. The products stand for individuality, uniqueness and sustainability. That’s what convinced me, and what unites me with LR.”

So what does Bruce Willis smell like? No, not gunpowder, asphalt and human blood, rather it’s grapefruit, pepper and vetvier. Sure, grapefruit, OK, but pepper? And vetvier? Raise your hand if you know what that is. Shut up horticulturalists, normal people don’t know that. It’s some kind of grass that has nothing to with murdering terrorists.

Whatever, if someone got me this for my birthday, I would think it was totally awesome. I’m not sure if I’d actually want to smell like pepper and vetvier, but I’d definitely put it in my room as a conversation piece.

Extra Tidbit: The tagline: “Smart guys live forever.”
Source: Geekosystem



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