Number 6 is back

   AMC'S The Prisoner promo poster

I was looking forward to AMC's new take on THE PRISONER but that new trailer kinda disappoints me. I can't quite put my finger on it; Maybe it's the fact that it's not on an island, or that Jim Caviezel is a bit miscast - I was rooting for Paul Bettany to step in Pat McGoohan's shoes- or it's just that such material should've been left alone. I dunno. At least they made Rover pretty much the same, a big white balloon. With no kid inside.

For anyone who doesn't know the classic 60s TV show, it's about a spy who after resigning for mysterious reasons finds himelf imprisoned by the masters of a weird village who want to know his secrets. Might as well be asking about WMDs 'cause they never get their answers. And it had an addictive theme song.

The new mini-series airs on AMC for 3 nights starting November 15th. Thanks to the Quiet Earth bunch for pointing it out.

Extra Tidbit: Any fans of the animated show REBOOT? Season 3 had a pretty cool episode based on the Prisoner's finale where Enzo (or matrix by then) meets his own Number 1. Actually the entire season 3 was amazing. Hope the plan for a film trilogy wasn't a joke.
Source: Quiet Earth



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