NYC Comic-Con coming

It's funny that I fly across the continental United States to visit the San Diego Comic-Con but there's a Con right in my own backyard and I've never even been there. The New York Comic-Con is gearing up for its big weekend on February 23-25 at the Jacob Javits Center and while it pales in comparison to San Diego (at least in regards to movie-related stuff), there's still some cool stuff you might want to check out. For one, New Line will be out and about promoting THE NUMBER 23. Whether Jim Carrey will make an appearance remains to be seen, but I wouldn't be surprised if Joel Schumacher shows up to field questions about THE LOST BOYS for a few minutes. Lionsgate will also be around pushing HOSTEL 2 as well as some of their upcoming genre releases. Stephen King will also make an appearance as a "Guest of Honor," which I personally think is pretty damn cool and worth the price of admission alone (one day passes cost $30 while a weekend pass will set you back $45). The full schedule hasn't been announced yet so keep your eyes on the official site for final word on what stars are showing up to sell you on their upcoming flicks.

Extra Tidbit: Con managers have said they've addressed the issues of overcrowding that many con-goers experienced last year.
Source: JoBlo.com



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