Ocean's 11 DVD

Well it's not the super-duper Special Edition 2-disc set I had hoped for but it'll have to do.   Warner Bros. released the specs for the OCEAN'S 11 DVD, which hits stores on May 7th, and they include the following goodies:

Commentary by hot stars Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia
Commentary by Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh and writer Ted Griffin
HBO First Look: Behind-the-Scenes documentary on the making of "Ocean's Eleven" where consumers get a sneak-peek at the fun the cast had making this movie
"The Look of the Con," a behind-the-scenes documentary featuring the cast, director and production team talking about the stylized fashion and designs of "Ocean's Eleven"
Original teaser trailer and three theatrical trailers
DVD-ROM features
"In or Out" challenge where players become one of Ocean's Eleven crew and must complete several Las Vegas challenges to pull-off the ultimate heist... plus links to the original website
Languages: English, Spanish and French (dubbed in Quebec)
Subtitles: English and French

Not bad but I really hate these dopey HBO First Look documentaries that they include on DVDs.  They're so boring and usually offer little or no insight into the film.  Just a lot of clips from the movies and etc.  I want some real beef to my documentaries.  But, I can't complain.  At least there are two audio commentaries and some cool DVD-ROM features.  I just hope one day they do a OCEAN'S 11 Criterion Collection with all the major players on a commentary track.   How can you have a commentary track on this film without Clooney?  He was the man behind this whole film...

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