Ocean's 13 is Legend?

We all know that the best reason to see a movie other than the movie itself is the trailers. I’ve kind of ruined this for myself, being the online hound that I am, and catching every trailer before it hits theaters. Actually, I’m not sure if any of you like to do this, but when I see a movie with my non online-upcoming-movie-savvy friends I like to play the ‘Guess the Trailer Game.’ And it goes a little something like this: “I guarantee I can guess the trailer within the first five seconds.” I usually win and they’re usually impressed, or they think I’m a total loser. Either way, I hope to win the game with the I AM LEGEND teaser, as it seems to be set to premiere with OCEAN’S 13, but will hopefully (and most likely) show up online before that release date. As you all know, I AM LEGEND sees Will Smith as the last man on Earth after a virus has swept the rest of us of Earth. The movie will bow on December 14th. Thanks to 'Hargon' for the heads up.
Extra Tidbit: This movie was originally to star Arnold Schwarzenegger and be directed by Ridley Scott.
Source: Collider.com



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