Of course Stallone wants an Expendables sequel

No one on planet earth loves sequels as much as Sylvester Stallone, and the man has turned two films into ten with his ROCKY and RAMBO series.

So naturally, the man is already thinking about a sequel to his next action endeavor, THE EXPENDABLES, provided it does well at the box office.

"If this does perform, I think it will open a little more liquidity in funding the sequel," he said. "I have an idea ready to go. People think doing a sequel is easy, but it's not because you need the element of surprise. I'm going to try to do something that's quite radical."

What, only one sequel? I’m surprise he doesn’t have the mapped out into a 5-part saga already. Despite all Stallone’s star power, he did have trouble finding the funds for THE EXPENDABLES initially, but if the film does well, he believes he’ll have a lot more free cash to play with in future projects.

Speaking to the LA Times, Stallone admits he’s nervous about the opening, but he sees the fact that he broke his neck while filming the movie as a good sign.

"It's a good omen," he explained. "I didn't get a hangnail on the set of 'Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.' "

Hah, good one Sly. You're alright.

Extra Tidbit: Sure, why not. Just make sure you get Tony Jaa in there. Or wait, did he go off and become a monk or something?
Source: LA Times



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