OFCS Top 10 of 2006

I've been a member of the O.F.C.S. (Online Film Critics Society) since its beginnings back in 1998 or something and every year, we vote on the films that we believe to be the best of the year gone by. My own personal picks should be up on JoBlo.com by Friday, but until then, check out what the folks who make up the OFCS voted as their best of 2006:

BEST PICTURE: “United 93”
BEST DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese - “The Departed”
BEST ACTOR: Forest Whitaker - The Last King of Scotland”
BEST ACTRESS: Helen Mirren - “The Queen”
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Jackie Earle Haley - “Little Children”
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Abigail Breslin - “Little Miss Sunshine”
BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Guillermo del Toro - “Pan’s Labyrinth”
BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Alfonso Cuaron, Timothy J. Sexton, David Arata, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby - “Children of Men”
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Emmanuel Lubeski - “Children of Men”
BEST EDITING: Clare Douglas, Richard Pearson and Christopher Rouse - “United 93”
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: Clint Mansell - “The Fountain”
BEST DOCUMENTARY: “An Inconvenient Truth”
BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: “Pan's Labyrinth” (Mexico)
BEST ANIMATED FILM: “A Scanner Darkly”
BREAKTHROUGH FILMMAKER: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris - “Little Miss Sunshine”
BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMER: Sacha Baron Cohen - “Borat”

Source: OFCS



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