Office star a Bastard?

In all the speculation over casting on INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, no one guessed any of "The Office" stars. But as it turns out, Quentin Tarantino is a fan of Dunder-Mifflin and has hired writer, producer and star BJ Novak to star in BASTARDS. Novak will star as PFC Utivich, a Jewish soldier from New York. Novak joins the previously cast Eli Roth (also playing a Jewish soldier from New York) while Tarantino continues to talk to Brad Pitt about the lead role. BASTARDS would be the first major film role for Novak who up to now has only had bit parts in movies like KNOCKED UP and REIGN OVER ME. Novak is also a stand-up comedian and will be performing at the New York Comedy Festival later this year. The casting of Novak in BASTARDS is not expected to impact "The Office" as his character is expected to be "less regular" in the upcoming season. Showrunner Greg Daniels also likely gave Novak a reprieve on his writing duties to allow him to film BASTARDS with Tarantino. The director seems to be teasing us with the casting of minor roles in the film saving the big announcements for later on (or perhaps Novak and Roth's deals were easier to close than Pitt's would be).

Extra Tidbit: Novak attended high school with future "Office" star John Krasinski.



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