Oh no they didn't! Trailer for Showgirls: The Return

You want to see something that really defines WTF?

Well look no further! Today we give you the trailer for SHOWGIRLS: THE RETURN! (we reported on this film back in October 2009).

Honestly, this little piece of cinematic achievement left me stunned. The way the trailer was put together reminded me of an episode of PIMPS UP, HOES DOWN. All that was missing was the awkward song...oh wait, this has that too.

Now, the first SHOWGIRLS was most certainly a terrible piece of unforgivable crap, but it did give the world a glimpse of Jessie Spano getting banged in a pool by Kyle MacLachlan. I can, without a doubt, without even seeing it, say that SHOWGIRLS 2 is much more awful. The plotline: "It's about stripper who died from a dose of contaminated cocaine. Her brother comes to Frankfurt to find the responsible and revenge."

You might be amused. I will warn you, it is a rather long trailer. OH, and this this is definitely NSFW. Click on any of the images below to watch the trailer in all it's crazy glory.

Extra Tidbit: At first I was like, "Did they hire Carl Weathers to sniff that coke?"



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