Old Dogs, new trailer

OLD DOGS poster

Up until now I've had a big ol' zero interest in OLD DOGS, seeing as the last few comedies from either Travolta or Robin Williams have been a sore reminder that those two used to be great. Or at least better then this. Though seeing Seth friggin Green in there with them kinda adds a different touch that gave me an open mind towards the trailer. For a second.

Disney put up a new trailer for the film which is actually one cut-down scene that managed to get me a smile or two, I'll admit. Even when knowing that it's from the WILD HOGS director.

The film puts two business partners in turmoil when charged with caring for twin 7-year olds. Then they hire Hulk Hogan, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson to babysit them. And some tween probably sings and dance in there too. Can't wait for the sequel. Anyhoo, film comes out November 25th. Here's that trailer right down there, or for a good Williams film, see the underrated DEATH TO SMOOCHY instead.

Extra Tidbit: Why don't they just remake flat out THREE MEN AND A BABY instead? Or heck, make another sequel to that one - give us the Goot back!
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