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Oldboy remake is Dead!



When it's just not meant to happen, let it go. And so apparently Will Smith and Steven Spielberg have put their OLDBOY re-adaptation to rest once and for all.

Dreamworks and Mandate pictures have had a hard time from the get go with that project, first shouldering backlash from fans of the Chan-Wook Park original film -ok, it was me, but in my universe I count- then having to navigate an endless maze of legal rights. But it was internal rumblings that drove the final stake.

The folks of Latino Review are quoting a "trusted source" in saying that Mandate and Dreamworks suffered irreconcilable differences over the film and so DW walked away from it, taking star and uber-producer along with them. It probably will happen some day, let's not fool ourselves, but not with that team involved, and not any time soon.

Extra Tidbit: To be fair, they wanted to adapt the comic book and not remake the film. Never read it - did anybody here? I'm curious to know how different they are.
Source: Latino Review



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