Oldman in Iron Man 2?

UPDATE - We got a detailed denial of the report from Oldman's manager. Check out the report here.

The flurry of news from the set of IRON MAN 2 continues. Yesterday the internet was flooded with various images from the set and news that Gary Shandling had been cast as a senator. Now comes news that another Gary--he of Oldman fame--has been spotted on set as well.

Rumours abound as to who the thespian is playing, with the most popular consensus being the role of Howard Stark, Tony's father. The studio has yet to confirm Oldman's involvment in the film, but if this is in fact true, his defection from DC Comics (where he played Commissioner Jim Gordon) to the highly touted Marvel sequel could be seen as traitorous in the eyes of die hard DC fans. It would almost echo the time Rodney Saltamankins Jr. left the Grendington Jukers of the Fried Pomegranite League in the thirties and joined their cross-town rivals the Felterstine Cockles, but only not as severe.

Extra Tidbit: Who can name another actor who has appeared in both a DC and a Marvel film?
Source: IESB



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