Oldman to quit?!

Well, it's a sad day indeed. It seems that the movie gods are calling time on my all-time favourite actor, Gary Oldman's career (can't you guys take Lindsay Lohan instead?) after he hinted that he is pretty close to quitting acting, because his love of the craft has 'withered'.

This isn't an official announcement, but it stills sends a real chill down my spine. Sure, the guy's getting a lot older and you have to expect he's gonna bust a move sooner or later, but I always harbored a secret dream that he had one more Norman Stansfield role in him. Obviously, I'd love a prequel, but really I'd entertain a sequel with him actually not getting blown up at the end of LEON if it meant seeing him on screen, waxing lyrical about Mozart and going 'Biiingo' again.

Apart from conquering the field of acting, Oldman was also fairly prominent in the fields of directing (he moved behind the camera for his directorial debut, NIL BY MOUTH and later directed 'DONUT', a short promoting Nokia's N93 phone) and pimping (by marrying hotties Donya Fiorentino and Uma Thurman).

Oldman said "I've had a great career and I'm very lucky to do what I do. But I've been doing it a long time and you can get tired. You might say I want to change careers or to do something else."

I don't really know what else to say. I hope that in the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT, Jonathan Nolan wrote an absolutely dynamite role for Lt. James Gordan (maybe struggling with his sexuality? Maybe runs away with the Joker to ranch cattle on a mountain?) so that Oldman can win an Oscar and bow out with the high he deserves.

I honestly do not believe that there is another actor in the world that can play villain like Oldman. I'll sorely miss his contribution to cinema.
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