Olyphant as Hitman pics

UPDATE: Fox is asking everyone to pull these pictures from their site, so we've removed ours from this story.  Timothy Olyphant is currently and simultaneously living out every man’s ultimate dream and worst nightmare. He’s playing a powerful, professional assassin but he’s doing it completely bald. We’ve got our first look at Olyphant as Agent 47 in the upcoming videogame adaptation of HITMAN. To me Olyphant doesn’t look like the baddest of all asses, and I would’ve never pegged him as the kind if guy to go up against John McClane in the upcoming LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, but it looks like the studios know something that I don’t. In all fairness to him, I’ve never watched DEADWOOD, but apparently he had the tough guy role down pat in that series. I’m not familiar with the HITMAN video game series either, but anytime someone nabs a role away from Vin Diesel (who was initially attached to the part) we’re all better off for it.

HITMAN centers on an assassin who suddenly finds himself hunted by Interpol and the Russian Military after a political takeover, but his biggest challenge yet may come from “a beautiful, damaged girl”, something many of us can relate to. There are two pictures, and the second one features the back of Olyphant’s head, complete with tattooed barcode, of which the assassin derives his name (the last two numbers are 47). The movie is slated for an October 12 release, and you can see the pictures HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Dougray Scott plays agent 47's adversary in the film. My guess he won't provide Olyphant with as much a challenge as Bruce Willis, which is why he'll most likely come out of this film unscathed and come out of DIE HARD 4 well, dead as shit.
Source: Cinematical



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