Olyphant talks Hitman

Are you guys really excited about HITMAN, now that you've seen that first teaser? It was nice, but I'm still on the fence. The concept is great, the character is great, but I just can't accept Tim Olyphant as a bald person. I just sit there thinking why would a dude who looks like that have no hair? I really hope that the flick is so good I ignore it, or in the first scene we find out he has some form of hair-growth-disorder. Or maybe if I'd played the game I'd understand why he had to be bald. Anyway, if you're a fan of John Woo or the VanDammage you saw in MAXIMUM RISK (??), you'll be pleased to hear that these two sources of influence featured prominently in the preparations for HITMAN. Xavier Gens, the director, also talks about his hopes for a second flick and the fact that he considers the movie to be distinctly more brutal than traditional action flicks. For everything Olyphant and Gens had to say, click HERE!

Thanks to Brandon for the heads up!
Extra Tidbit: Olyphant's favorite movie is DOGMA.
Source: IESB



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