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If you dig modern martial arts movies, you're almost certainly familiar with the skull-cracking skills of Tony Jaa. The acrobatic elephant-loving Thai whirlwind is back in the incongruously titled ONG BAK 2: THE BEGINNING (or is it meant to be read as ONG: BAK 2 THE BEGINNING? ONG BAK: 2 THE BEGINNING?), a lush prequel he also directed.

While the production hit some snags, Jaa finally returns with some crazy hair and complete willingness and ability to snap more bones and whack villains using elbows, knees, palms, sticks, pots, bladed instruments and various household/village items, resulting in cheering citizens, happy pachyderms, and many hospitalized stuntmen.

ONG BAK 2 will be available on VOD, XBOX Live and Amazon on Sept. 25th and released theatrically on October 23rd. Check out the action below or in HD over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Will ONG BAK 3 take place in the future? Maybe in space? Now that would actually be kinda cool -- Jaa already defies gravity.
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