Ong Bak ...3?

Don't get me wrong I liked the original ONG BAK for how f*cking insane Tony Jaa was, not story-wise nor in any artistic capacity. But production on the second film, which seemingly isn't a direct sequel as it takes place in another era, went completely nuts, so much that Jaa himself while directing  at one point up and disappeared into the forest for weeks. AND it's hasn't been released in North America yet.

Anyhoo, can't keep a good ass-kicker down, at least not when he's making money for producers, so the guys from Twitch got a look at promo art for ONG BAK 3, which surprisingly has been in production for a while and will bow in Thai theaters early next year.

No more has been let out on the film but judging from that thing down there, where Jaa sports a better hairdo than what we've seen of #2, will probably again be a non-direct sequel to take place in yet another era. Some say that ploy is meant as the central character's cycle of reincarnation. 'cause he always comes back as a rock-hard Asian ass-kicker. I'll be happy if I come back as a creme-filled donut. 

    Ong Bak 3 teaser poster

Extra Tidbit: Why didn't they get this guy to play Kato?
Source: Twitch



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