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Oren Peli to venture into Wild Nature


Content with taking a backseat producer role on all the subsequent PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies that will now assuredly be coming out every Halloween instead of SAW, Oren Peli is moving on to a new horror venture that sounds rather interesting.

It's called WILD NATURE, and thought that may sound like a "find yourself in the woods" type feature, it actually tells the tale of a group of friends who discover they're not alone after venturing into a ghost town which has been overrun by nature.

The last time I remember horror and nature combining it was the supremely awful THE HAPPENING, and before that, the slightly less awful THE RUINS. Perhaps Peli has discovered a magic formula to make it right.

No word on how low budget this production is going to be, but presumably it'll be a bit of a bump over PARANORMAL's $10K price tag.

Extra Tidbit: I hope its bear ghosts. That would be awesome.
Source: Screen Daily



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