Orphan trailer

ORPHAN is an upcoming horror movie not unlike THE GOOD SON, THE OMEN or any other "this kid is f*cking crazy" movie. In fact it's not unlike JOSHUA a movie that was released in 2007 that also starred Vera Farmiga (lady loves her psycho kid movies I guess...). The trailer promises that you'll "never guess" the secret of the evil little girl, but I find that pretty hard to believe. I'd be willing to bet if you watched this trailer more than once, you'd probably guess her secret.

I have quite a few gripes with this trailer but I can't get into all of them here. But I do question why all these movies must follow an upper-class family with high-profile occupations and luxury cars? In this economic climate, wouldn't it be more realistic to follow a regular old middle class family? But then again, I suspect with this film, realism isn't exactly what they're shooting for. You can check it out for yourself below or head to MySpace to see it in HD.

Extra Tidbit: Not surprisingly the little girl who plays the evil kid in this movie also has CHILDREN OF THE CORN on her resume.
Source: MySpace



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