Orson's Empire

Joel Silver is addicted to producing. I mean, the guy can’t stop. I think him, Jerry Bruckheimer, and a Brian Grazer need to form some sort of a support group to help each other through their obvious compulsion to make movies. After quitting for a while, Silver must have started to see snakes on his skin and ants in his hair because he’s at it again, developing Orson Scott Card’s EMPIRE for Warner Bros. The plot goes a little something like this:

Set in the near future, the novel casts an America in chaos. The assassination of the president and veep plunges America into civil war and a team of special forces operatives try to unravel the conspiracy and save the country.

Sounds more like Clancy than Card to me, but what do I know, I don’t read. This project joins Card’s classic ENDER’S GAME at Warners (which has been in ‘development hell’ for a while) and a director is yet to be attached. The twelve steps Joel, they work every time.

Extra Tidbit: Wolfgang Petersen is set to direct ENDER'S GAME.



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