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Even though most of us writing for the site, or even reading the site, don't really look at the Oscars as anything that we can entirely relate to (I think choosing THE READER over THE DARK KNIGHT as a "Best Picture" nom didn't help that cause), it's still considered to be the "biggest night in movies", so what the hell, we're a movie fansite, no? No??? Anyway, grab a few drinks, slap some nachos in front of your face and get ready to make fun of the celebs as they strut their way across the red carpet and have to answer such pertinent questions as "Who dressed them for the evening" or "Whether Christian Bale is an asshole or just a true professional". Oh yeah, this year's got some more shit riding on it as well (an iPod), since about 4,000 of you entered our 9TH ANNUAL OSCAR PREDICTION CONTEST, so you can even score along at home. PS: The contest is now closed.

As per every year, we'll be here all night, along with thousands of other movie schmoes like yourself into our OSCAR DISCUSSION THREAD, which has already been going strong since late October and will likely peak around the time that SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is announced as "Best Picture" around midnight. BTW, if Heath Ledger doesn't win "Best Supporting Actor", would you consider that to be the biggest Oscar upset of all-time? Discuss in the thread above...

The good folks over at MOVIEHOTTIES will also be posting hot pictures as the night progresses (and on Monday), and feel free to attempt to enter our CHAT ROOM to talk shop with other readers from our site, although there's a maximum of 10 people allowed in there at a time, so it generally fills up pretty quickly. So what will you be doing tonight? VOTE HERE! Whatever it is, have yourselves a good one!





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