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Even though most of us writing for the site, or even reading the site, don't really look at the Oscars as anything that we can entirely relate to (do Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep have to get nominated every year?? -- see the GOLDEN SCHMOES results for more on that), but it's still considered to be the "biggest night in movies", so what the hell, we're a movie fansite, no? No??? Anyway, grab a few drinks, slap some nachos in front of your face and get ready to make fun of the celebs as they strut their way across the red carpet and have to answer such pertinent questions as "Who dressed them for the evening" or "Whether they are rooting for Martin Scorsese or not" (Duh!!!!). Oh yeah, this year's got some more shit riding on it as well, since about 5,000 of you entered our OSCAR PREDICTION CONTEST (is it because we were giving away an iPod to the winner?), so you can even score along at home. PS: The contest is now closed.

Of course, we'll be here all night, along with a slew of other schmoes checking into our OSCAR CHAT THREAD, which has already started and will likely peak around the time the BEST PICTURE is going to be announced, as it's actually pretty wide open this year (half of our staff picked BABEL, the other half THE DEPARTED, and we even got some straggling votes for LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and THE QUEEN). Fun times. You can also attempt to enter our CHAT ROOM to talk shop with other readers from our site, but there's only a maximum of 10 people allowed in there at a time, so it generally fills up pretty quickly.

That's about it for me. I'll be hoping that Marty finally gets his statue and that Salma Hayek shows up looking fi-ine, otherwise, the dudes running MovieHotties.com will also be updating their site with red carpet pictures all night long, as well as ceremony pictures and after-party photos. Phew!! So if hot women are your "thing", check that out as well. And oh yeah, GO GUILLERMO!!!!


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