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Oscar Predict Winner!


All praise David Block, this year's big winner of our 9th Annual JoBlo.com Oscar Prediction Contest with a highly impressive score of 95/100 (last year's winner only had 89/100). David managed this feat over about 4,000 other people, picking off the top 19 categories without a hitch, and only missing the "Sound Mixing" and "Short" categories (see full list of Oscar winners HERE). That said, this year's average score was a lot higher than in previous years, as there were another 81 people who scored higher than 90/100 -- and remember, last year's big winner only had 89/100. In contrast, only 28 people had scores over 80/100 last year.

So it's obvious that this year's Oscars were a lot more predictable than last year. In fact, one can say that the only "real upset" was Sean Penn over Mickey Rourke for BEST ACTOR, but even then, that wasn't that much of a long shot...a lot of people were rooting for Penn and he had won the SAG award over Rourke not too long ago.

But big congrats go to David for winning himself a motherflucking iPod, while the big winner of our internal JoBlo.com staff Oscar Prediction contest was Harold Delong with 94/10 (with Alex Keen not too far behind with 92/100). I myself scored 62/100 which was also a step up from last year, when I only scored 52/100.

And oh yeah, if you want to see how YOU DID in the contest, CLICK HERE to download an Excel file with the entire list of entrants with their names/scores in order from kick-ass to suckiness (or HERE for a simple Text file). See ya'll next year!!

Source: JoBlo.com



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