Oscars expand!

Pissed off that WALL-E or THE DARK KNIGHT didn't get nominated for a Best Pictures Oscar last year? Well you'll probably be a lot happier in years to come. Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science president Sid Ganis announced this morning that the Best Picture category will expand from five nominees to ten. The expanded category will debut with the 2010 show that will air in March.

The news just broke and I'm still processing the impact of such an announcement but I'm sure the studios are fine with it as it'll give more films the chance to use that "nominated for Best Picture!" voiceover in their TV ads. And the Academy is obviously excited about it because they feel it will give the awards more drama. There will a bigger chance for an upset and give people more to root for (last year THE DARK KNIGHT surely would have been nominated in a field of ten and fanboys the world over would have tuned in).

What do you think of the news? Love it? Hate it? Strike back below!

Extra Tidbit: There is a rumor that the Best Animated Film category may be removed, allowing them to have a better chance at the Best Picture.
Source: Variety



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