Over Her trailer

A trailer for the upcoming Paul Rudd, Lake Bell and Eva Longoria romantic comedy, OVER HER DEAD BODY has hit the web, which you can catch HERE. Yep, a whole bunch of you are definitely gonna end up seeing this in the interest of sex, so prepare yourself. Here's the synopsis: Devastated when his fiancée Kate (Eva Longoria Parker) is killed on their wedding day, Henry (Paul Rudd) reluctantly agrees to consult a psychic named Ashley (Lake Bell) at the urging of his sister Chloe (Lindsay Sloane). Despite his skepticism over her psychic abilities, Henry finds himself falling hard for Ashley, and vice versa. But there is a big snag. Ashley is being haunted by Kate's ghost, who considers it her heavenly duty to break up Henry and Ashley's fledgling romance. So this thing is basically GHOST but as a comedy. And in some magical twist of fate Eva Longoria looks terrible, while Lake Bell looks phenomenal. If you needed another reason to see PRIDE AND GLORY, you just got one. Hopefully Paul Rudd can carry this thing to safety.
Extra Tidbit: I'm pretty sure that the clip of Eva Longoria looking at the camera and going 'huh?' should never be in any film ever.
Source: IESB



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