Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis try Farrelly Brothers funny in the trailer for Hall Pass

Though they've since made a few tries, I don't think the Farrelly Brothers have seen the same degree of comedic success as their brilliantly raunchy (and occasionally sticky) DUMB AND DUMBER and THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY.

Their latest attempt HALL PASS puts Owen Wilson with SNL's Jason Sudeikis, and appears to be trying to emulate the whole "30-something guys go from mild to wild" tone of movies like OLD SCHOOL and (naturally) THE HANGOVER. We'll see what the ratio of actual jokes in the movie compared to the trailer revelations ends up being.

The synopsis: Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis) are best friends who have a lot in common, including the fact that they have each been married for many years. But when the two men begin to show signs of restlessness at home, their wives (Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate) take a bold approach to revitalizing their individual marriages: granting them a "hall pass," one week of freedom to do whatever they want...no questions asked. At first, it sounds like a dream come true for Rick and Fred. But it isn't long before they discover that their expectations of the single life-and themselves-are completely, and hilariously, out of sync with reality.

Check out the trailer below or in HD at Apple.

Extra Tidbit: For the record, Stephen Merchant is awesome and could end up being the movie's secret weapon.
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