Owen Wilson update

I remember getting a text message from a friend the other night telling me about Owen Wilson. Like most of you I'm sure, it was hard to believe at first, but now it seems like it's real. And it looks like Owen Wilson's recent and shocking troubles will be affecting his upcoming work schedule. EW.com is reporting that Wilson will not be shooting his cameo in Hawaii for the Ben Stiller directed TROPIC THUNDER. Wilson was expected to be on set for a week, but due to his recent troubles, will not partake. It's unclear if the role will be recast or written out of the script.

Also, Wilson's new film THE DARJEELING LIMITED is set to debut on September 3rd (my birthday!) at the Venice Film Festival, but we don't know if he'll make an appearance for that. My guess is no. Wilson has another project, a comedy called MARLEY & ME, co-starring Jennifer Aniston, and since this film is still in pre-production, chances are he'll be able to fulfill his duties on that one. This just goes to show you, children. You can have all the fame, money, girls, and food in the world, but it really doesn't mean anything (okay, maybe a little). Get better Owen.

Extra Tidbit: Owen's non-famous brother Andrew is the one that found him.
Source: EW.com



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