Pacino as Lasorda?

Hidden in an article over at Variety is the tidbit that Al Pacino is eyeing a role as Dodgers' manager Tommy Lasorda in a movie that is reportedly on the fast-track at Miramax. Michelle Pfeiffer is apparently also a "possibility" as his wife. Take all of this with a grain though, since nothing is concrete yet. So then why report it? Because damn it I'm tired of new Pacino. I want this guy to be in a good movie and to be good again. I watched HEAT for like the hundredth time a couple of days ago and if it is at all possible I managed to forget how awesome he is.

Hopefully this project is good and will let him be like he was in ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. I don't know anything about baseball so I don't know if a brash young rookie upset the balance of his team while his star player was recovering from injury, but if it didn't they should totally write it into the script anyway. Either that or we need to get him a role in a Tarantino picture or as a villain in the next Batman movie. Or in a short on Funny or Die. I swear he is two slips away from playing Jessica Simpson's dad in some movie that makes me want to kill myself.
Extra Tidbit: Pacino once saved a bus of nuns from a dragon. I swear it!!
Source: Variety



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