Palahniuk does comics

You'd think by now someone would've approached cult writer Chuck Palahniuk about writing some comic books. I mean if you're an indie publisher, wouldn't you snatch up Chuck to write a limited run of some series? Well what the indie publishers lost could be DC's gain. MTV is reporting that DC Comics is in talks with Palahniuk to write a limited series for the publisher. Before you get excited about Chuck doing his own revamp of "Superman," he said he'd rather do something along the lines of "Tales from the Crypt." Says Palahniuk, "I would love to do the kind of ghost monster comics I grew up with like those ‘Tales from the Crypt’ comics I just loved as a kid." Chuck though seems to downplay the news saying, "that's the extent of it," which might mean that talks are in the very early stages. Palahniuk's next film CHOKE is due in theaters on September 26th and a number of his other books are in the works to be adapted to the big screen. Can we get a SURVIVOR movie already??

Extra Tidbit: David Fincher was once in talks to produce a miniseries based on "Diary" for HBO.
Source: MTV



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