Pandorum director blasts off with Captain Future

PANDORUM turned out to be one of my favorite flicks from last year, so I'm more than thrilled to hear director Christian Alvart is heading back into space again. Even if this trip won't be quite a scary or grimy.

Alvart is bringing pulp character CAPTAIN FUTURE to life for a big-screen adventure. Popularized by science fiction writer Edmond Hamilton in the 1940s (and later as an anime series), the stories followed the exploits of brilliant scientist Curtis Newton as he roamed the solar system battling supervillains.

Discussing the project with Quiet Earth, Alvart talks about his approach: "We are developing CAPTAIN FUTURE as a big fun space opera for the whole family - hoping to recreate that same sense of excitement that I had discovering space through the CAPTAIN's eyes. There are many smart and adult ideas in the franchise for grown-ups to enjoy, but this will definitely be something they can take their kids to as well."

Alvart says the first movie will be somewhat of an origin story, and gives another intriguing point of comparison: "Like THE FIFTH ELEMENT this will be a big budget Science Fiction movie developed and produced out of Europe with an international cast."

Extra Tidbit: Alvart also directed the Renee Zellweger thriller CASE 39 and the (much better) serial killer movie ANTIBODIES.
Source: Quiet Earth



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