Pandorum trailer

Everyone's favorite director Paul W.S. Anderson produces PANDORUM, a new sci-fi movie with the awesome Dennis Quaid (Dennis Quaid is here!) and the also awesome Ben Foster (I'm really crazy!). I say 'PANDORUM', but this basically looks like Anderson got tired of raping classic videogames and decided to rape his own work instead. So he made EVENT HORIZON again. This guy should team up with Eric Roth. Alternatively he should break up with Milla Jovovich. I know that doesn't have anything to do with what I was saying, but both my penis and I agree that chick should be married to me and not him.

In PANDORUM, two crew members on a spaceship wake up with no memory and soon discover that there is something sinister lurking in the belly of the craft. As with all Paul Anderson movies, they quickly realize that they might just be mankind's one last hope. Dude could make AMERICAN PIE 8 and somehow finagle into the plot something that made Stifler mankind's last hope.

Source: JoBlo Video



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