Pandorum TV Spots

Pandorum poster

I still can't make up my mind about PANDPORUM. It has a bit of a PITCH BLACK/EVENT HORIZON thing going which is always a good thing, but also looks like RESIDENT EVIL in space. Not so good. But I AM curious, and even moreso with those two new TV spots that made their way ont he net.

From director Chris Alvart, the film stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster as two crewmen who awaken from hyper-sleep in a ship where all hell broke loose, and might again. Quaid is always a charismatic presence in a film, but I think it's the awesome Foster that could win it for me - his badass in 3:10 To YUMA is one for the books.

The first TV spot is right down here, with the second HERE; there also a new German trailer available RIGHT HERE. The film comes out in theaters September 25.

Extra Tidbit: The absolute and disgusting misuse of Foster and his character in X-Men 3 is probably why I hate Brett Ratner so much...
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