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Paramount may want Alexandre Aja for the Pet Sematary remake


I guess they're still remaking PET SEMATARY.

What if I told you that Paramount was eyeing Alexandre Aja (PIRANHA 3D) to helm said remake? According to, the studio is "actively trying to sign him up".

The script for the remake is written by Matt Greenberg (1408, REIGN OF FIRE). Other than that, there are no other details on what they plan to modify or keep the same for this version.

There's a soft spot in my heart for the 1989 version with Miko Hughes as the creepy as Gage. Why would no one just kick him? He's like 2 feet tall. Lock him in the crawl space under the stairs or something.

While I'm open to a new version of the film, I'm wondering if Aja is the right choice. HIGH TENSION was pretty damn good and I thoroughly enjoyed the crap out of PIRANHA 3D. Why not hire him?

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