Paranormal Activity 2 director shortlist contains quite a surprise

Paramount certainly isn't half-assing PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 these days. After Lionsgate pulled a contractual trump card on SAW’s Kevin Greutert, the studio has been searching for a new director for the low-budget horror sequel, and one name on their newest candidate list may surprise you.

Brad Anderson, who directed SESSION 9 and TRANSSIBERIAN? Nope, seems logical.

Greg McLean, the man behind the well-received WOLF CREEK? He could work.

Or Brian De Palma. Yes, that one.

I’ve really no idea why the man behind SCARFACE, THE UNTOUCHABLES and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is being considered for a low-budget, niche horror film like this, but the studio seems to have confidence in his ability to bring…something to the table. He did direct CARRIE once upon a time, but that's going on 35 years ago at this point. 

They’re likely trying to avoid a BLAIR WITCH 2 apocalypse scenario, in which a nobody director butchered what could have been a long-lasting horror franchise. De Palma at least brings experience to the table, but I’d be more comfortable with either of the other choices, as both seem to know how to make low-budget, yet effective horror.

Do you think De Palma has what it takes?

Extra Tidbit: Allegedly A BEAUTIFUL MIND writer Akiva Goldsman was at one point being considered to direct. What?
Source: LA Times



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