Paranormal Activity 2 trailer features more creepy baby action

I don't know that I can wholeheartedly recommend paying your hard-earned money to see CASE 39 in theaters this weekend (especially with THE SOCIAL NETWORK and LET ME IN releasing) BUT if you do, there might a little surprise. The new trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 is here and will be running before prints of that Renee Zellweger thriller this weekend. Or you can just watch it below.

Unlike the original teaser trailer, this one doesn't just rehash a bunch of footage from the original film (though there is some of that too). At least here we get a glimpse of the characters including the new creepy kid in town, Hunter. I just feel bad for the dog, who knows some serious shit is going on, tries to warn people, but he winds up getting stuck there with the lot of em.

Check out the new trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 below. What do you think? Is it SAW 3D or PARANORMAL 2 for you this Halloween?

Extra Tidbit: Thanks to "Adam" for the heads up.
Source: JoBlo.com



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