Paranormal alt. ending

So before I go any further, I must state the obvious that this is a SPOILER filled post, so if you haven't seen PARANORMAL ACTIVITY in theaters yet, go watch Moon Bloodgood’s TERMINATOR topless scene or something, and I’ll see you later.

Ready? OK.

So anyone who has seen the movie probably experienced a moment of pure terror when Micah was thrown through the door at the camera by his demon possessed girlfriend at the end of the film. At the very least, you watched everyone AROUND you experience that terror, that much you have to admit. But then once she appears to eat the camera and the movie abruptly ends, many people, after getting over the initial shock of that scene, said they weren’t a fan of that “typical” horror movie ending.

Well as it turns out, the film has an alternate ending, which I’ve posted below. I’m not actually going to discuss it here except to say that THANK GOD it was reworked into what we saw onscreen. This could have one of the biggest anti-climaxes ever, and not in a “creepy, open to interpretation way” that you found in BLAIR WITCH. No, frankly, this is just plain bad.

Rumor has it that Spielberg is the one who came up with the shock and awe ending of the theatrical version, and we should all thank him for that. Without that scene, in my opinion, PARANORMAL only would have been half of what it was.

The video has been removed at the request of Paramount Pictures

Extra Tidbit: I find that most alternate endings you find on DVDs are actually a lot worse than the theatrical ones, which is why they weren’t used. Though I AM LEGEND comes to mind as one example where the exact opposite was true.
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