Parker grows Ivy

Sarah Jessica Parker has set up her first post-SEX AND THE CITY project with a film about a single, ritzy New York woman from the Upper East Side. Uhhh... If you're thinking that sounds an awful lot like SEX AND THE CITY, you're not alone. But it's not SATC:II (thank goodness) but THE IVY CHRONICLES a story that's part DEVIL WEARS PRADA and part NANNY DIARIES (and quite obviously part SEX AND THE CITY). Parker's character will play the afore-described woman who opens a business to help parents get their children into elite kindergartens. The film will be based on the novel by Karen Quinn of the same name. Parker takes over the role from Catherine Zeta-Jones who brought on by producer Jerry Weintraub (who had worked with her on OCEAN'S 12). Parker had been set to star in THE LATE BLOOMER'S REVOLUTION for Warner based Picturehouse but the WB put the kibosh on Picturehouse and it looks like BLOOMER went by the wayside. With the SAG strike on the horizon, no word on when IVY might begin filming.

Extra Tidbit: Parker was originally set to star in VACANCY alongside Luke Wilson.
Source: Variety



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