Parker on South Park 2

A few weeks back our own Sturdy wrote a C'mon Hollywood titled "It's Time for Another South Park Movie!" The article sparked a lot of discussion on the idea of a SOUTH PARK sequel and yesterday in the LA Times, series co-creator Trey Parker opened up about the possibilities of a new SOUTH PARK movie.

As you may have heard, the three-part "Imaginationland" episode (later released on DVD in full-length format) was intended to be the next SOUTH PARK movie. But as Parker describes, "we got in the middle of a 'South Park' run, and were completely out of ideas...and we were like, well, we've got to use the movie idea." That severely delayed the SOUTH PARK movie but Parker still says they have plans for another movie.

Parker says the he and fellow creator Matt Stone have talked about "doing a movie to sort of end it all," and that the idea of doing a cinematic series finale "seems like the best idea." Unfortunately Parker and Stone are contracted until at least 2011 and may even renew their contract past that point so we'll have to wait sometime for another adventure.

As for Parker and Stone making another non-SOUTH PARK movie (a la TEAM AMERICA), don't count on it. Parker says the experience of trying to film a big-budget action movie with marionette puppets "just killed the movie spirit in us." You can read the full interview here at the LA Times.

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Source: LA Times



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