Passion of the Christ resurrecting an unofficial sequel?

Once a mere punchline to a joke about unnecessary sequels, PASSION OF THE CHRIST 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO is actually happening. Sort of.

Now, it’s not an official sequel by any means, and Mel Gibson is nowhere to be found, but it is called THE RESURRECTION OF THE CHRIST, and that title alone will be enough to convince 80% of the audience of the first film it’s a sequel.

Allegedly the film will focus more on the other players in Christ’s death like Pontius Pilate and Judas. "It's as much about the key players as it is about Jesus," (Director Bill) McKay tells Variety. "We want to bring in the Gladiator dimension of the first century against the political milieu of the time."

Hold up, you’re combining Jesus with GLADIATOR? I’m officially on board. I’m all about an arena match where Jesus fries spear wielding combatants with lightning. Oh wait, by “Gladiator dimension” you mean all the boring political parts of the movie? OK then.

They’ve got $20M to work with, and if this gets a wide release, inevitably expect those Christian dollars to come rolling in.

Extra Tidbit: I refuse to do a CAST THIS: Jesus for this. Unless the power of Christ compels me I suppose.
Source: Vareity



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